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We provide counsel, workshops and idea sessions to help you build your Editorial Calendar.

Working with The Calendarizers is a productive, high-energy and, dare we say, enjoyable experience.


The process begins with a conversation.

We talk with you about your organization and its objectives, challenges, and opportunities. We learn about your audiences, and what and how you want to communicate to them. And, perhaps most importantly, we get a handle on what is practical and realistic for you given the staff time, platforms, budget, and other resources you are able to devote to your editorial calendar or communications campaign over the course of the year.


We then do our own follow-on research, and consult closely with you about which members of your team will participate in The Calendarizers session, and which of several meeting formats and exercises we’ve developed will best serve your needs.

The Calendarizers session itself typically is a half-day meeting, although some clients prefer full-day events. In facilitating these sessions, Jonathan and Tom draw on both their communications expertise and their long experience moderating corporate strategy sessions, advisory panels, and other small-group meetings. The result is a dynamic exchange that elicits the insights of all participants. That exchange generates the ideas, topics, angles, tactics, and approaches that together create a robust, effective editorial calendar or communications plan.


Following the meeting, The Calendarizers provide a detailed report that captures and organizes all of the plans discussed at the meeting, along with practical counsel on how best to implement those ideas – including guidance on how to adapt to unforeseen situations and opportunities that may arise throughout the year.

The Calendarizers transform the “burden” of coming up with content ideas and constructing a comprehensive editorial calendar into an enjoyable, effective process that is enriched by the active participation of all of your key team members.

Strategize. Mobilize. Calendarize!

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